About us

We are UK based family startup, not a big company, but we try our best to provide trendy and fashionable dress wear at affordable prices. 

Our products are directly sourced from the manufacturer and therefore we are able to offer products at competitive prices. Our products have very positive  reviews which goes on to show how satisfied our customers are.

Once a product has been purchased, our processing times usually takes 1 – 3 days and delivery times could take up 2 – 3 weeks to arrive. Due to the Corona Virus the orders could even take longer in certain circumstances.

Like with every startup, we would like to see our business grow and therefore customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to gain our customers trust and confidence to build a long lasting relationship.

At the moment we will only offer a limited amount of products even though we have the opportunity to offer more than thousand items. Be believe starting small is the key to success.

Thank you for shopping with Vdressup.com